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       Our pricing for transaction processing is straightforward: as you sell more, you qualify for progressively lower rates. Here's how it works: for Visa, MasterCard, and Discover transactions, simply take your combined monthly card sales and find the corresponding dollar volume and per transaction rates on the table below.

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Monthly Sales
$ 0 - 5,999.00
Swipe Transactions 
 1.70% + 15 cents    
Monthly Sales
$ 5,999.00 - 10,999.00
Swipe Transactions 
1 .70% + 12 cents    


Monthly Sales
$ 10,999.00 - 100,000.00
Swipe Transactions 
1 .55% + 10 cents    



+Monthly GATEWAY fee $35.00

+ Statement fee $ 9.00

+Onfile Fee  $ 0.00

+Additional stations $ 30.00


For American Express rates range from 2.30% - 3.50% + $0.00 - $0.15 and will vary based on the type of business. Please review your merchant agreement which will contain the rate you will be charged.


Merchant's transactions are deposited daily. All fee quoted are in-person swiped rates.

Purchasing Options



Purchasers  can now apply for equipment leasing. All leases are for a period of 60 months. 





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